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Is Indian Food Available in Dubai?

When taste buds long for an exotic spice blast, one cannot help but urge for fine Indian cuisine. It becomes obligatory to satisfy your craving, especially if you are missing home.

Just like the Indian culture, the food that comes from the region is rich in taste and variety. Be it the main course, side dishes, or post-meal desserts, everything on the menu is top-notch.

In this section, we round up a list of a few famous vegetarian restaurants in Dubai. Here you can discover the tastiest vegan and vegetarian dishes, from satisfying burgers to soulful salads.

Is Indian Food Popular in UAE?

A popular opinion says that Dubai is good for Arabian cuisine. There is no doubt about this fact, but this is only a half-truth. 

Dubai is a massive place with hundreds of restaurants offering multiple types of cuisines, including Indian. Dishes like chicken tikka, curry, and paratha are favorites among the citizens. In fact, Ras malai seems to be getting popular as well. Considering the popularity, several restaurants have started both Indian Non-veg and Indian Veg food delivery services

UAE has long shared historical ties with the South Asian subcontinent. When the ties are that old, cultural exchange, especially food exchange, is inevitable. That is why most dishes in Emirati cuisine may have a hint of Indian flavor to them. Salon, one of the famous dishes among Emiratis, has Indian roots. Likewise, Chicken machboos is much similar to the Indian Chicken biryani. 

Is Vegetarian Food Available in Dubai?

In Dubai, you can find every Indian dish your taste buds urge for. Biryani, Curry, Daal Makhni, Kofta, you name it!

But hang on, it is too early to feel disappointed because the list does not end here. There is good news for all our vegetarian peeps as well.

Veggies are prominent ingredients of Indian cuisine. So, you can easily find restaurants that serve vegetarian food in Dubai. Here we have a list of seven popular restaurants in Dubai that have just what you are looking for:

  1. Bombay Bassera

If you are in Dubai, you must head over to Bombay Basera for a tasteful and pure vegetarian meal. In addition to veggie food, they have a huge variety of vegan-friendly breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

Their famous vegetable spring rolls, palak paneer, aloo paratha, mixed vegetables, daal makhani, cheese masala dosa, and daal khichdi are must-try. A glass of lassi afterward is a perfect way to round up your nosh-up.  

In short, Bombay Basera is one of the popular places satisfying people's cravings for pure vegetarian Indian food. No matter what you order, you will not walk out of the restaurant disappointed.

  1. Little Erth

Some people might think vegan food is tasteless. Chefs at Little Erth are up to change their opinion with some delicious pure vegan and vegetarian food to die for.

Vegan spaghetti, yogurt bowls, and Buddha burgers made out of purely organic ingredients will leave you in awe. At last, to round your meal up, carrot cake with cashew cream will tantalize your taste buds. Undoubtedly, this place is heaven for vegans and vegetarians.

On top of everything, letting your four-legged friends in as well, this place cannot get any better!

  1. Bare Burger

This place Bare Burger, satisfying people's craving for burgers, has a wide range of dainty food. If you want to go green, better go green with Bare Burger.

You can pick your favorite bun, including gluten-free or keto-friendly buns, and layer it with a lettuce bed. After combining your sweet potato patty or black bean patty with all the burger add-ons, you will end up with a lip-smacking burger.

Apart from mouth-watering burgers, they offer a variety of salads, sweet fries, pickles, and vegan carrot cakes.

  1. Comptoir 102

The award-winning Comptoir 102 is one of the greatest vegetarian restaurants in Dubai. Everything on the menu of this plant-based eatery includes organic ingredients from local farms. The food is not only lip-smacking good but healthy as well.

The tasty avocado toasts, vegan nut cheese platter, toasted bagel, acai bowls, homemade vegan ice cream, and almond butter oatmeal porridge are among the specialty items of the place. Among the delights, their seaweed pesto with guac and flaxseed crackers has a massive fan base.

  1. Soul Green

All food lovers and tourists can congregate at Soul Green to nourish their bodies and soothe their souls in this serene ambiance that is both veg and non-veg. They have some tasty meat and fish options, but their Indian style peaks with their famous rogan josh tofu buddha bowl.

  1. Bounty Beets

People who are up for changing their eating habits but fear missing out on delicious food can trust Bounty Beets. They have a range of organic, vegan, and gluten-free meals, including salads, mueslis, crepes, and rice bowls. Besides, their organic cocktails and wines go with any dish you order.

You can begin your day with the plant-based scramble or chia bowl or enjoy a plant-based afternoon tea of sandwiches and cakes.

  1. MyGovindas

MyGovindas is a pure vegetarian and vegan-friendly Indian restaurant adding spices to people’s lives with its savory dishes. Their mouth-watering paneer sandwich masala, veg maharaja, mirchi ka salan, corn kabab, and vegetable biryani are must-try. To complete your meal, there is a range of lassis, fresh juices, and other special Indian beverages.

If you are looking to satisfy your craving for a spicy and tangy vegetarian meal, look no further than MyGovindas. 

What is the cost of Indian Food in Dubai?

Anywhere in the world, food prices always depend on the place you choose to eat. Likewise, your dinner bill in Dubai will depend on the restaurant you pick. Therefore, have a set budget in your mind before heading out for a meal.

You can find decent, good-quality basic food for AED 10 in Downtown Dubai. However, a complete meal at a fast food restaurant can cost you up to AED 40. Now, if you are considering fine dining, you should expect a total above AED 70.