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Undoubtedly, Dubai is a dream for food lovers with all kinds of colorful cuisines and exotic flavors. With all-time high online food requests, restaurant owners are busy preparing tons of orders at the same time. However, almost a couple of years ago, the landscape of food delivery services in Dubai was not the same.

During the worldwide pandemic, restaurant owners could not allow dine-in; hence there was no one-to-one interaction. The food lovers were also afraid to step out, but their taste buds missed flavors. In such a situation, there was a dire need to get the food delivered to doorsteps quickly and in a hassle-free way.

Some food places started their own delivery services, whereas some relied on pre-existing ones. The results were mixed for everyone.

In this section, we have rounded up a list of services that you can use for all kinds of food delivery, including Indian food delivery in Dubai.

Our Favorite Apps for Food Delivery Services in Dubai

People of middle-east have rigid cultural values; they want to use technology to order halal food. So, here is a list of such platforms for you, especially if you need to order halal food through reliable means.

Whether craving a cheesy mushroom omelet or dribbling over some other cuisine, you can get it all!

  1. Uber Eats

Using the incredible Uber Eats App, you can explore and order yourself out of thousands of mouth-watering cuisines from Dubai’s wide range of food restaurants. Anything can come to your doorstep, from Arabic foods and the best Emirate cuisines to all kinds of fast foods.

This app has a unique feature that lets you hunt your food based on specific ingredients. All you need to do is enter your preferred ingredient into the search bar; it will suggest you the foods with that item in them.

There are several other great features that this app possesses, including food tracking. Moreover, it remembers your most frequent purchases so that you can easily reorder items whenever you feel like it. However, the minimum amount of purchase is AED 7.

  1. Zomato

The app has undergone some changes over the past couple of years with the goal of providing a delightful customer experience to users all over the UAE. It makes it easier for you to order food from a variety of cafes and restaurants, even street food vendors. The latest version of the app also offers grocery and general item delivery. This update has taken Zomato’s business to the next level.

The app is easy to use and lets you browse through theme-based restaurants to select foreign, local, and traditional Middle Eastern cuisine. You can reorder your usual meal as the app remembers your history.

In addition to providing excellent food delivery services in Dubai, Zomato helps you make reservations for a dine-in experience with featured restaurants.

  1. Eat Easy

If you have no time to go out for groceries, we have a piece of news for you. Here we have an awesome app suggestion that does not only bring food but the groceries to take home.

It is an ideal hybrid app with hundreds of delectable restaurants, pharmacies, and groceries on its list. It literally delivers everything, including food, confectionaries, groceries, medicines, plants, and flowers. After finding your preferred item, you can confirm the order with a click and pay instantly using debit, credit, or COD.

Their service is quick, segmented based on the user’s area, and never late. Besides, the customer support system is great, so it will not disappoint you.

  1. Talabat

Next on our list is Talabat, one of the most reliable food delivery services in Dubai. It has been nurturing its customers with eminence and glory for ages. Efficient employees, a great customer support system, and easy payments, everything about Talabat makes it great. There is no wonder why Emiratis love it.

Their efficiently designed mobile phone app lets you browse through different types of cuisines from thousands of different food hubs located near you. After finding your favorite cuisine, you can confirm it with a click and pay instantly using any of the two payment options – COD or debit card.

The app is easy to use, with or without an account. Also, it remembers a track record of your previous orders so you can reorder with ease. 

  1. Deliveroo Dubai

The list will be incomplete without a recommendation as solid as Deliveroo. It is one of the most reliable apps for those on the prowl for good food delivery services in Dubai.

The app has a broad coverage of hubs based on your area to ensure you always get the desired food in no time. The specialties of Deliveroo, such as biryani, barbecue, chicken masala, curries, etc., are pocket-friendly and can satisfy your Indian food cravings.

The app is easy to use and keeps a track record of your previous order history so you can reorder with ease. After finding your favorite cuisine, you can confirm it with a click and pay instantly using any payment method of your choice.

  1. Lunch in Dubai

Last but not least, Lunch in Dubai, also known as Much-On. Most of their customer base is the working class, which is why the app is famous among strenuous peeps.

It is one of the best and most reliable food delivery services in Dubai, ideal for people who want to schedule their food deliveries during lunchtime. The service is quick & almost always on time, so you will get your food served hot.

One of the most awe-inspiring attributes of this app is that it suggests meals for your lunch every day. Also, if you sign up for the Pro version, you will receive special offers and discounts.


Consumers have become increasingly restless and prefer quick food deliveries. The apps mentioned above are just a few reliable names. You can always search around the web for more recommendations. You can even contact us to drop suggestions because, at HOTiffin, your words matter!