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The delivered HOTiffin needs to be stored in a dry cool place following the agreed delivery time.

Your HOTiffin is consumable and valid during the same day of the delivery, and cannot be consumed after being stored.

We do not recommend you do that. HOTiffin food should be consumed immediately when received as it will stay fresh and safe to consume.

The HOTiffin should be washed and cleaned thoroughly and placed back in its bag and handed to the delivery crew the next day. Remember this is YOUR HOTiffin and you need to keep it clean and hygienic as much as possible for you to use it the next time and enjoy fresh meals.

Yes, all our meat and chicken suppliers are Halal-certified.

We are very keen to use minimal amount of oil and spices in our meals to keep them healthy and suit the majority of our members' preferences but unfortunately, we are unable to take requests for custom ingredients or meals due to large volumes of production.